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Conservation Action Network Borneo

OLT supports the tireless efforts of the grass-roots Indonesian NGO, CAN (Conservation Action Network) Borneo. Currently we are supporting surveys to identify where orangutans are in an area of East Kalimantan, Indonesia which is increasingly fragmented by mining and oil palm cultivation. We also support the rescue and translocation of those orangutans most at risk in this area. Empowering communities so that landscapes can be preserved is another important part of the work of CAN Borneo which we are happy to support. This means developing environmentally-friendly economies, such as through sustainable agriculture. CAN Borneo are also very active in reforestation and the development of wildlife corridors to reconnect vital populations of orangutans and other species, and we support this work via our "Plant-a-Tree" programme.

You can find out more about this incredible organisation here.

We support the work of Borneo Nature Foundation, working in Central Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia. Our support contributes to fire prevention and fire-fighting activities in critical habitat of orangutans such as Sebangau National Park. We have funded projects to support communities, living side by side with wild orangutans, to protect the rainforest by providing job opportunities, education and sustainable livelihood initiatives. We've also contributed to the construction of the new Rungan Research Station as well as the restoration of degraded peat swamp habitat.

Find out more about BNF here.

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Borneo Nature Foundation


Campaign for the sustainable production and consumption of palm oil

Because the cultivation of palm oil has been so catastrophic for orangutans and their rainforest habitat, OLT feel that a transition to sustainable oil palm production is imperative for the survival of the orangutan. We work closely with other NGOs and experts to drive better standards, traceability and transparency for the palm oil value chain, and to compel producers and corporate buyers to take responsibility for providing ethical, deforestation-free products. We work to educate consumers how they can make a difference for orangutans, rainforests and the planet simply by demanding and choosing sustainable palm oil. Read more about palm oil and our work on this issue here.

OLT works with schools, zoos and other institutions to educate people of all ages about orangutans, rainforests, biodiversity and sustainability.

We spread awareness and knowledge about the threats to orangutans and how we can work collaboratively on solutions to secure their habitats and long term survival.


We speak at conferences, take part in panels, provide interviews and lead seminars both in-person and online engagements.


Contact us at if you would like to find out more.

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Education and Outreach

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