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At the Orangutan Land Trust, we are focused on the long-term survival of the orangutan in the wild.

We are dedicated to the conservation, restoration, and safeguarding of forested regions in areas where orangutans naturally live or have historically lived. Our primary objective is to secure designated forest habitats that are safe for orangutans.

For orangutans.
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Our overall mission is to enable sustainable solutions that ensure safe areas of forest for the continued survival of the orangutan.

Human activities, in particular deforestation, poaching and wildfires – have been catastrophic for orangutans and lead to the loss of orangutan habitats and the decline of orangutan populations. But despite being critically endangered, the orangutan is still alive and kicking! Thus, there still is time to implement holistic but strict solutions to halt the loss of orangutan habitats and the decline of orangutan populations.

Our Mission
Orangutan Rescues

Watch our short video illustrating the importance of the rescue and relocation projects we support.

Our Three Key Strategies

We focus on three key strategies in our work enabling sustainable solutions for the long-term survival of the orangutan in the wild.

Encourage policy makers to develop and implement strong policies and to uphold existing laws that contribute to orangutan conservation.
Support in-country initiatives and efforts to help deliver their aims
Develop approriate and responsible partnerships to deliver tangible outcomes on the ground.

The Orangutan Land Trust is backed by a Scientific Advisory Board made up of some of the best minds working in orangutan and forest conservation. They represent a number of disciplines and specialties, and a range of regions throughout Malaysia and Indonesia. In this way, Orangutan Land Trust can consider where the greatest needs and best possible outcomes can be found, backed by sound science. Its Board of Trustees includes leaders in academia, business, wildlife conservation and sustainability.

About us

Forests. For orangutans. Forever.

Some of the threats facing orangutans today
Orangutans are arboreal primates that depend on forests for their survival.  Their habitat is rapidly being destroyed by deforestation.  Orangutans primarily live in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, which are increasingly subject to fires due to a combination of natural and human causes.  They are also under threat due to poaching. One of the reasons for this is their meat is seen as a delicacy in some parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.
“The single most important thing consumers can do to save orangutans is to
demand sustainable palm oil.”

Lone Droscher-Nielsen
Our Projects
Our Projects are varied and involve working with partners and governments to acquire, restore and protect areas of forest for the orangutans.  One of our key focus areas is around sustainable palm oil as the majority of palm fruit trees are grown in areas where orangutans live. Our concern is to be able to provide secure habitats for orangutans in the wild as well as those that have been rehabilitated in are ready to be released again.

Forests. For orangutans. Forever.

The Orangutan Land Trust Team
Led by Michelle Desilets, Executive Director and Lone Droscher-Nielsen, President and Trustee, with a combined experience of over 50 years in orangutan conservation, OLT is backed by a formidable team of experts who help determine the strategy of the organisation.
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